HD Printing

HD Printing on Uncoated Papers

The increased use of absorbent uncoated and recycled materials has brought with it a range of technical issues for the printer including; increased drying time, rubbing, set-off and a result that whilst beautifully printed, is usually dull, flat and disappointing to the client.

HD Printing.JPG

Our adoption of the 12647-2 colour standard is now enhanced by the latest image optimisation software that removes unnecessary colour from shadow and mid-tone areas, sharpens and standardises the pdf files.

This results in sharper, cleaner images that 'jump' from the page and include all of the originals detail and clarity, particularly in the darker areas that usually fill-in when printed.

The full benefits of this software application are:

  • Improved colour rendition, sharpness and tonal range
  • Allows for the use of 200lpi screen ruling on uncoated paper
  • Improved printability and reduced make-ready times
  • Better colour match to the proofs
  • Resolves set-off and dirt problems caused by carrying high Ink weights
  • Up to 30% ink saving
  • Reduced drying time

HD Printing on Coated Papers

Our use of higher screen rulings - 280lpi - gives greater tonal range, sharpness and definition over conventional screen rulings.

To see how we can enhance your images just request a copy of our latest HD Printing brochure.