Our Responsibility to the Environment – naturally

We have invested heavily in achieving the highest environmental accreditations and we can help you to meet your own environmental policy and objectives and your customers will be reassured that you have chosen an environmentally accredited printer.

By purchasing paper only from accredited merchants in the UK, we ensure that stock comes from sustainable and managed sources with full FSC® or PEFC accreditation.

We can also provide expert advice on a wide range of recycled papers. As an organisation proud of its environmental achievements, our Board of Directors ensure that we meet the FSC® Chain of Custody requirements and ensure that all employees adhere to the robust procedures set in place.

All of our inks are biodegradable and we use aqueous coatings – indeed our latest press does away with the need for any sealer or coating to be used at all and also uses 60% less electricity than the press it replaced. We take positive action to prevent pollution and any waste chemicals are collected, recovered or disposed of under licence.

Our latest technological advancement has seen us move to Kodak Sonora printing plates that no longer require chemical processing. This removes the need for developer or its recovery and disposal from the process and will save more than 250,000 Litres of water per year.

We also work hard on minimising our energy usage, recycle aluminium plates, all paper waste, ink cartridges, light bulbs and anything else wherever practical. As a result we have made a 62% reduction in waste sent to landfill.

ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation is a rare achievement for a printing company but we are not stopping there. We are currently working towards becoming carbon neutral – without offsetting.

To see how we can help to improve your own environmental profile, please speak to your representative or contact us here.




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