The Chartered Institute of Marketing

As the world’s leading professional marketing body, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is understandably insistent on high standards and the correct portrayal of its own brand image. Our in-house closed-loop colour management system enables us to ensure that CIM’s five-colour corporate styling is consistently accurate.

Lamport Gilbert has produced a wide range of printed materials for the Institute over a number of years – a testimony to our high quality work.

Karen Humphrey, print buyer for CIM, explains: ‘We need to demonstrate quality and high standards in all our publicity. It’s expected by everyone undertaking our marketing training or professional qualifications. I’m sure that none of our worldwide members would want anything less.’

‘I have a close working relationship with Lamport Gilbert and know that they carry out a lot of preparatory work of their own, checking colours, types of paperstock, drying times and so on, before the job goes to press. It helps iron out costly errors, boosts our confidence in the finished product, and probably helps me sleep at nights!’

Successful marketing requires creativity and our work for CIM is wide-ranging and always professionally rewarding. However challenging the work, projects for the Institute are always completed on time and, of course, within budget.

We enjoy turning our clients’ visual dreams into printed reality, with six-page fold-outs, spot varnishing, complex visuals, tab cut-outs and perfect-binding just some of the alternatives we offer. Grain-effect and leather-look finishes have also been achieved through development of our printing techniques.

CIM’s commitment to being ‘green’ places great importance on Lamport Gilbert’s ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation and our use of paperstock from sustainable forests recognised by the Forestry Stewardship Council.