St. John's Ambulance

St. John Ambulance, the UK’s leading First Aid charity deals with millions of accidents every year. But not all accidents endanger health. Some mistakes endanger wealth – the financial bottom line.

For a charity like St. John Ambulance, slip-ups can seriously impact limited budgets and waste valuable staff time that could be spent saving lives.

After OVER 60 years OF working together, St. John Ambulance Supplies continues to ask Lamport Gilbert to print all their product, training and service support documentation – because we can be depended upon not to have accidents and make costly mistakes.

Stephen English, general manager of St. John Supplies says: ‘Our relationship with Lamport Gilbert is based on a professional trust created through their long-term continuity of performance, quality and value.’

‘Throughout the years Lamport Gilbert has taken as much care with our printing jobs as we would with an injured person. Their commitment to St. John Supplies is shown through Bob Sym who has been our designated Account Manager at Lamport Gilbert for the past 25 years. Naturally enough, apart from being a specialist in charity sector requirements, Bob is now regarded by many of us as part of our team.’

Slip-ups tend to happen when people are working under pressure but our knowledge and experience, like that of the trained St.John first-aider, allows us to recognise the risks, ease the pressure points and avoid future pain.

We are never complacent. Every job will have individual challenges – late text supply, special colours, varnishing, binding, etc – and we’ll tell a client our concerns, make checks and provide answers before the operational pressures turn into published errors.

That’s why every year we successfully print and arrange delivery of the St. John Supplies 6,000-item product catalogue – turning the job around, start to finish, in the three weeks prior to Christmas.

St. John Supplies also entrusts us with storage and supply of over 70 tonnes of their various printed materials – held in an online stock-order system we devised especially for them.