Share Centre

Picking the best performers is the job of investment specialists The Share Centre – and they pride themselves in getting it exactly right for their clients, an attitude which also comes naturally to Lamport Gilbert.

We’ve been The Share Centre’s preferred printer for several years now, since solving a tricky colour problem, as David Jeal, the print buyer for our Buckingham-based client explains: ‘When we began developing the corporate style of printed literature for The Share Centre we decided upon a distinctive and individual lime colour that people would immediately link with us. The problem was that the printers we tried either could not produce the colour, or could not reproduce it consistently.’

‘Lamport Gilbert was the only printer to solve the problem. They took it on, almost as a professional challenge, and did a lot of work at their own cost, testing various papers and inks. Now we get the exact colour we want, every time we print something, and of course, we use Lamport Gilbert for all our corporate work.’

‘As share-buying advisors, this careful research work was professionalism that we understand and applaud – Lamport Gilbert made their own investment in The Share Centre and now they are gaining the long-term rewards as our sole supplier,’ said David Jeal.

Although it took us six months to refine the correct ink content, paperstock and printing procedures for The Share Centre’s special colour, the key to the perfect end-result, and a satisfied client, lies in our closed-loop colour management system.

Having established process criteria to create this special colour, we check this at every stage using computer monitoring, with additional personal assessment by our experienced production team. Temperatures, stock pressure, machine-speed, ink flows and drying times are just some of the factors we check for every print job to ensure consistency.

The Share Centre allowed us to establish the close working partnership that we like to foster with clients on all our projects. They recognised our expertise and we respected their objectives. We were creative and they were flexible. They were exacting, we were determined. Jointly, we achieved success.